Prairie Diva Spotlights – Jaime

Our Spotlight series is back! Prairie Diva spotlights will showcase the amazing women who make up these dance classes. Every woman has a different story and journey through dance and we want to shine light on these women through these posts.


These women are unique and beautiful and give it their all each and every class with their high energy and positive spirits. Please let us introduce you to these amazing women!


Each of the Prairie Divas took part in a professional photo shoot with AMC Studio and answered a series of questions about themselves.





“What I love about dance is being free to express myself. I love getting lost in the music while dancing. It is like telling a story.”


When did you start dancing?

I started dancing when I joined cheerleading a long time ago…we won’t say how long. 🙂 I always wanted to take lessons when I was younger but was never able. I am now taking as much lessons as possible!


Favourite past times/other hobbies

I love watching movies, listening to music, and hanging with friends.


My day job

I work as a Replenishment manager with the Northwest Company.


Fun/interesting fact about me

Fun or interesting….I grew up with a speech impendament and spoke like Elmer Fud until I was probably about 16.


Goals and aspirations 

Strive to be better than I am currently in all aspects of my life. Career, family, friends… I also want to push myself outside my comfort zone and do the things I have always been scared to do!


How I first heard about Prairie Diva dance classes

Through my girlfriend!


What I like about Prairie Diva dance classes 

The way it makes me feel. Beautiful, sexy and fierce!


What I’m most looking forward to with Prairie Diva’s classes

To learn, become a better dancer, make connections, and perform!


Jaime: “I have two wonderful kids, a son and daughter. I love how my daughter sees me dancing and feeling beautiful in my own size no matter what my size or shape. This year I also joined a Pinup Pageant, something I normally wouldn’t do or would be too scared to do it but being in my 40s have gave me a different outlook on life. Do the things you love to do! Regardless of your age or size. Do it because you love it!”



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