Prairie Diva Spotlights – Liz

Our Spotlight series is back! Prairie Diva spotlights will showcase the amazing women who make up these dance classes. Every woman has a different story and journey through dance and we want to shine light on these women through these posts.


These women are unique and beautiful and give it their all each and every class with their high energy and positive spirits. Please let us introduce you to these amazing women!


Each of the Prairie Divas took part in a professional photo shoot with AMC Studio and answered a series of questions about themselves.





“Dancing just feels amazing to move in a strong, beautiful, and coordinated way, and also have that carry over into my every day life. Dance has also given me great posture, body awareness, and awareness about having a healthy lifestyle. On a more serious note, I can explore and express different emotions through dance, and it helps me deal with my mental illness in a positive way.”


When did you start dancing?

I started dancing about 10 years ago at 19. When I was younger, I always thought dance sequences in music videos or the dance shows on tv were so cool. I only took tap for a few months in grade three, and then a dance friend took me to her dance class on ‘bring a friend day’ when I was 13. Those two times, I got compliments from the teacher, saying that dance seemed natural to me, despite having no experience. I also got the tap solo in grade three.. I was so surprised and excited :p I can’t remember exactly what inspired it, but I was really drawn to ballet specifically, and that was the first class I took at 19.


Favourite past times/other hobbies

Photography and learning languages are the two I actually have time for right now. I also like sewing, playing guitar, biking, and reading articles about all sorts if topics, but there are only so many hours in the day.


My day job

I’m a photographer (freelance, as well as employed at a boudoir studio) and also a photo lab manager.


Fun/interesting fact about me

I think its funny that I take dance, which seems like an active and extroverted activity, but I’m definitely a ‘stay home’ type person, and an introvert and have trouble making casual conversation with people 😛 this isn’t so much fun or interesting, just a strange contrast..


Goals and aspirations 

I want to do more traveling and maybe one day live in another city, preferably with a beach close by. I want to keep getting stronger and more experienced as a dancer and start a blog about my photography adventures.


How I first heard about Prairie Diva dance classes

I saw a poster on a telephone pole! And I was so excited, I called the phone number to get more information.


What I like about Prairie Diva dance classes 

With burlesque fusion, it normalizes being sassy, sexy, and even just touching your own body. I think there’s this negative connotation around being sexy, and trying to be ‘good’. I think with the classes, it helps women take back ownership of their bodies, and with that, confidence flourishes. I’ve seen it with the women in class, and I’ve seen it with myself. On a lighter note, its so much fun too :p


Making friends & connections

I have trouble making friends just because of my introvert nature and when I’m in class, I just get super focused on what I’m doing. But I have met a few friends, and some I’ve danced with in other programs, and I’m excited they’re trying the Prairie Diva classes!


What I’m most looking forward to with Prairie Diva’s classes

Getting to be a sassy bish for an hour every week 😛 I like that the classes help me get in the mindset of trying to pick up choreography quickly, and also having space to learn and experienced movements I don’t learn in ballet or contemporary. The performance opportunities are exciting too.. the concept video I was especially excited about!


“Thanks Prairie Diva for helping me become the dancer I am :)”


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